RE: Three Complaints against Jafrum International Inc.:(1) Unethical Stipulation for Initiation of My Wholesale Account(2) Extreme Difficulty in Contacting Jeannette by Telephone(3) Variation in Stipulation to Have Wholesale Account Activated Depending onthe Party

I registered on www.jafrum.com and made application for a wholesale account.

Jafrum International Inc. sent me an e-mail on May 13, 2009, that, order to qualify, I should send two or more of any of a number of documents such as copy of business license, copy of business card, copy of voided business check.

This same e-mail stated "Once approved you can start ordering from our website at www.jafrum.com. We do have quantity pricing available in Jafrum, but by setting up this wholesale account and by placing frequent wholesale orders we can give better wholesale prices for you."

I mailed in copies of five or six documents to Jafrum International Inc. on May 16, 2009.

On May 20, Jafrum International Inc. sent me an e-mail stating that my wholesale application has been approved. However, to activate my wholesale account, I must place a minimum $500.00 order via telephone (Complaint Number 1). Once this is done, my wholesale account will be set up and I will be able to place orders via the internet. "Please contact ...and speak with Jeannette to place your order."

I have telephoned Jeannette today about fifteen times in attempts to speak directly with Jeannette. However, Jeannette personally answered her telephone for me only twice (in the middle of the day). After that, I always reached Jeannette's answering machine (Complaint Number 2). I think that perhaps Jeannette was avoiding me. Anyway, my second complaint is that Jafrum International Inc. has informed me that I must make a minimum of $500.00 purchase by

Page 2, Mr. Jaffer Mohammed, May 21, 2009

telephoning Jeannette in order to initiate having my wholesale account set up. However, as I just mentioned, I have had much difficulty in reaching Jeannette directly by telephone.

Jafrum International Inc. has reneged on the stipulation for my wholesale account and has failed to inform me up front that a $500.00 minimum purchase must be made to active my wholesale account (Complaint Number 1). This is unethical. Also, it has come to my attention that the stipulation for activation of a wholesale account varies with the party making application. I consider this to be unlawful discrimination (Complaint Number 3).

I am demanding an explanation why I must make a minimum $500.00 purchase in order for my wholesale account to be activated. Why is it so difficult for me to reach Jeannette directly by telephone?


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